Getting Started

Getting started is simple and easy. We will provide you with a comprehensive investment memorandum including a detailed proforma, then schedule a meeting to address any questions. If you determine that the property meets your investment criteria and return requirements, we will ask you to complete a straightforward subscription booklet which includes 1) questionnaire with your personal information 2) your desired investment amount 3) the partnership agreement.

Your investment funds are then held in a trust account assigned for the purchase of the property. Each investment partner’s profit share is based on their respective ownership percentage (simply calculated by your % of the total equity placed in the investment).

It’s that simple! We are currently accepting investors; contact us today to receive information on our current investment offering and see what we’re all about.

Summary of our most recent offering:

50 Unit Apartment Building, Downtown Los Angeles
Initial Equity Investment: $911,000
Estimated 1st Year Cash on Cash return: 8% ($73,000 after taxes)
Average Yearly Return (5 YR Proforma): 26%/yr

If these are the type of returns you are looking for, please contact us to discuss how you too can realize extraordinary returns in a managed real estate investment. We’ll do the work, you get the checks.