Multifamily Sellers


We provide experienced multifamily analysis, market expertise and institutional caliber marketing strategies.We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your property, including a review of current and historical operations, capital issues, existing debt, operational management, market position, your exit strategy and an opinion of value. We will use the results of our analysis to recommend strategies to enhance the value of your property or to use in marketing to investors as an added-value opportunity.

To determine an opinion of value we use historical and current operating data, recent sales comparables and the current capital market environment. We will then review micro and macro markets and conditions in order to develop a custom marketing plan to ensure your property receives maximum exposure to potential buyers.  Our mission is to maximize your return on investment by selling your property at the most favorable terms possible in the quickest time frame, while providing the highest level of service.

After we have created a marketing strategy, a three-pronged campaign becomes central to our results-driven approach: Assist in Preparing the Property Sale; Attract Qualified Buyers to the Property; and Facilitate the Showing, Negotiating and Escrow Period.

As outlined in our “Plan of Action”, as well as our superior Advertising and Marketing commitment, we don’t believe you can find a more dedicated real estate company. We are sure you cannot find a company who will work harder for you.