Asset Management

We offer innovative, customized asset management strategies designed to maximize real estate value, optimize investment returns, and reduce liability and exposure. Our aim is to uncover un-realized value through a combination of pursuing unrealized operating potential, market repositioning, financing, strategic capital expenditures, and (re)development. We constantly monitor the operator’s performance and compliance to ensure each asset’s operational results and value is being protected and ultimately maximized.

It is essential, particularly in today’s economic environment, for portfolio owners and managers to do everything necessary to protect the value of their assets while at the same time taking the steps necessary to reduce exposure and liability. By engaging CMLgroup Asset Management Services, owners stand to gain the peace of mind that their investments are being diligently overseen.

We offer innovative and creative strategies and solutions designed to maximize real estate value, optimize investment returns, and reduce liability. Our stated goal - maximize the value of your holdings while minimizing exposure.

Asset Management Services we provide:

  • Market Re-Positioning Expertise
  • Debt Management Services, including assisting in refinancing and debt restructuring
  • Monitoring of Operator’s Compliance with operating agreements, including analysis of clauses, reporting requirements, staffing levels, services, and fee payment
  • Act on behalf of Client in Operator negotiations
  • Operator performance reviews, including financial, marketing and operational goals
  • General Contractor Selection and Assistance
  • Budget Review
  • Compliance oversight
  • Property and Liability Insurance Analysis
  • Accelerated Depreciation Analysis
  • Establishing Fire and Life Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Investor Reports
  • Negotiating Service Contracts
  • Utility Bill Back Analysis
  • Dispositions oversight