Leasing Services we offer

We offer leasing services with the overriding objective to quickly lease your property to the most qualified tenant at the best terms possible. You can utilize our leasing service without any obligation for additional management services.

  • We conduct a comprehensive rent survey of area comparables and provide you with a detailed report with our rental rate recommendation
  • We guarantee ever lease; the tenant breaks the lease, we lease it again for free
  • No start-up fees or renewal fees
  • We create customized marketing strategies for your property
  • We advertise your property on 100+ websites
  • Premiere quality brochures and signage
  • We can professionally stage apartments with furnishings, if appropriate
  • We run comprehensive background checks, including criminal, past foreclosures/evictions and income verification – at no charge to the owner
  • We draft and execute a comprehensive lease with addendum’s customized for each property
  • All leasing fees are paid from the tenants move-in costs, with no out of pocket expenses to the owner
  • We provide a comprehensive  accounting statement detailing the entire transaction