Mortgage Pre-Approval

The CMLgroup understands the importance of choosing a lender with a proven track record and we work to identify exceptional local providers that meet our and our clients’ standards of service and expertise.

The following company has been selected as a preferred provider because of their proven success in finding the best financing solutions in even the most complex situations. They have shown they have the resources required to ensure the closing process is as smooth and successful as possible. In addition to our preferred lender below, we also work with a number of other highly respected providers in Southern California that we are confident to recommend and refer our clients to.

Our Preferred Provider:

Platinum Capital Group

Since it was founded in 1993, Platinum Capital Group has been in a steady growth pattern, extending its reach nationally as it transformed itself from a single Manhattan Beach office to a widespread presence in the mortgage banking and brokerage industry.

By focusing on building a strong loan origination team, Platinum Capital Group realized significant revenue growth within its first five years in business. This team of highly trained and trusted mortgage consultants has enabled Platinum Capital Group to sustain a high level of expansion as they continue to capture increased market share.

Such visible growth gained Platinum Capital Group considerable recognition as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Los Angeles Business Journal’s #1 fastest growing privately held company in Los Angeles, and Inc. Magazine’s #10 ranking among 500 of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Platinum Capital Group’s towering success reflects the founders’ enterprising spirit, team work and dedication to building long-term lending relationships.

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