Downtown Los Angeles

The financial center of the West Coast, Downtown Los Angeles is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. For decades after the 1950′s, the Downtown area was severely neglected. A renaissance unseen in 80 years, spurred by the building of the Staples Center, Disney Hall, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles, LA Live, and the housing boom, ushered in a new era downtown. Any number of world class condominium and “loft” developments have been completed in the past decade.

200,000 workers come to Downtown every day, and more of them are calling the area home. This exciting trend of urban revitalization looks to only continue in the future. A multi-billion dollar development along Grand Avenue, planned but stalled, will someday bring with it another plethora of people-drawing features, including more office skyscrapers, housing, an urban park, cultural and educational facilities, retail operations, and another five star hotel.