Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a picturesque coastal city that truly personifies the idealized perception of the California beach lifestyle. Host of the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball tournament in summer (the “Wimbledon” of beach Volleyball) and home to some of the best surf year round, Manhattan’s pristine beach attracts well known personalities, tourists and family’s alike. Downtown Manhattan Beach has a charming village character with the added benefit of being located just one block above the Pacific Ocean and the city’s famous pier.

Locals divide the city into several distinct neighborhoods, including the Hill Section, Sand Section, Tree Section, Manhattan Village, and El Porto (officially known as North Manhattan Beach). The Hill Section rises above the coastline just south of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and west of Sepulveda Boulevard. The Hill Section has some of the largest lots in the city and is comprised mostly of new or remodeled homes. Due to the steep topography, the neighborhood boasts panoramic views; homes west of the hill’s peak enjoy ocean views while homes situated on the east side allow stunning city views that stretch to Downtown Los Angeles and Mt. Wilson beyond. The nearby Sand Section parallel’s the beach and is notable for its pockets of quiet neighborhoods and quaint ‘walk streets’ adjacent to the ocean. The Sand Section is also reputable for its dense development and higher rate of multi-family dwellings compared to the other neighborhoods in the city.

The Tree section is bordered on the north by Rosecrans Avenue, south by Manhattan Beach Boulevard and to the east by Sepulveda Boulevard. Appropriately named for its narrow tree lined streets, the homes in the Tree Section are typically less expensive than the “Hill Section” and the area is highly sought after by families for its close knit structure and well manicured properties. Manhattan Village is a gated community situated around the Marriott golf course and is located just east of the Manhattan Village Shopping Center. Many professional athletes choose to live in Manhattan Village for the security the neighborhood provides as well as its convenient proximity to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Galaxy training facilities

El Porto (North Manhattan Beach), once an unincorporated town, was annexed from Los Angeles County by Manhattan Beach in 1980. The area is bordered by El Segundo to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. El Porto beach is known as one of the best surfing beaches in Southern California and the neighborhood also has its own quaint commercial district which runs along Highland Avenue. Like the Sand Section, El Porto is made up of very dense single family and multi-family dwellings situated just off the Strand.