Sunset Strip, Doheny Estates & The “Bird Streets”

To the North, above the flat lands of Hollywood & West Hollywood, is a “strip” of fashionable shops, trendy restaurants, nightclubs and hotels catering to some of the world’s most famous entertainers, producers, directors, writers and music makers. With a desire for privacy and convenient location, many choose to reside in the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip. The quiet windy streets showcase beautiful and spacious residences with views of the canyons, sparkling lights of Hollywood, or true “jet-liner” views all the way from Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean.

The west end of the Hollywood Hills are graced by the elegant homes of Doheny estates and what is known as the “Bird Streets”, which borders Trousdale Estates and Beverly Hills.

The successful talent of the entertainment industry continue to prefer living near the offices, studios and creative energy of the Sunset Strip, but treasure the quiet retreats and breathtaking views that come in the environs of the Hollywood Hills. Due to the proximity of nightlife, the studios, as well as the privacy and unmatched views, the Sunset Strip has become the address of choice to live for young A-listers, further adding to the hipness of the area.